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ExMesh™ offers local authorities a wide range of security options, from high security fencing, gates, and additional metal mesh security solutions such as anti-climb measures.

These include:

  • ExMesh™ AVSB (Anti Vandal Scaling Barrier). This is a highly effective premier topping product, which can be mounted to any surface through specialist fixings. Helping to safeguard property and grounds, the security toppings are made with ExMesh™ expanded metal mesh panels.
  • ExMesh™ Raptor is manufactured from a durable plastic and is more aesthetically pleasing than our AVSB range. It is developed with a central bar to allow individual units of Raptor to rotate freely, making it difficult to gain a foothold, and therefore helping to prevent criminal damage and trespass.
  • ExMesh™ Paliclad provides additional security by enhancing existing security fencing. It is attached to existing palisade fencing, deterring and preventing intruders.
  • ExMesh™ Primary has been designed to the police preferred specification and provides medium to high security for educational facilities. Offering flexible installation, the ExMesh™ Primary security system is suitable for sloping ground without stepping.

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