ExMesh™ Anti Climb barriers

ExMesh™ anti-climb barriers provide highly efficient security enhancements to fencing and walls.

Manufactured from our UK site, in Hartlepool, our anti-climb barriers can be mounted onto a wide range of surfaces, such as walls, coping stones and various existing fencing systems, by using standard fixing brackets. They deter trespassers and help to protect property and grounds.

Anti-climb barriers – an effective and visible intruder deterrent

Our ExMesh™ Anti-Climb range offers two options: the AVSB (Anti-Vandal Scaling Barrier) or Raptor. Learn more about the specifics of each product below.

ExMesh™ AVSB (Anti-Vandal Scaling Barrier)

The ExMesh™ AVSB is a highly effective premier topping product, which can be mounted to any surface through specialist fixings.

Helping to safeguard property and grounds, the security toppings are made with ExMesh™ expanded metal mesh panels.

Our Anti-Vandal Scaling Barrier is fitted around a central bar, where it rotates freely, to ensure criminals cannot gain a footing.

ExMesh™ Raptor anti-climb devices

ExMesh™ Raptor is manufactured from a durable plastic and is a more aesthetically appealing anti-climb barrier option than our AVSB range.

It is developed with a central bar to allow individual units of Raptor to rotate freely, making it difficult to gain a foothold. This therefore helps to prevent criminal damage and trespass.

The ExMesh™ Raptor is a low maintenance anti-climb device, available in a wide range of designs to suit any surface. Raptor offers barbed and razor wire extensions, and rotating vanes.

These visible perimeter security measures are often used on commercial and government properties.


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