Expanded Metal Mesh Security Fencing, Products & Solutions

The ExMesh™ range of British-made, metal mesh security products are manufactured by The Expanded Metal Company – a leader and innovator in the development and manufacture of expanded metal mesh products – and are exported globally.

Our range offers innovative, certified physical security solutions to LPS 1175 SR3 which are designed to protect staff the public and property, and define boundaries.

Products from our extensive mesh range are used across a number of sectors and environments, including critical national infrastructure sites, defence installations, data centres, utilities sites, education facilities and public sector assets.

Benefits of metal mesh in security solutions

All of our products start life as one piece of material – which is then stretched and slit to specification – meaning that the finished product has nothing to work loose and there are no strained joins and welds. Expanded metal is also inherently strong.

Want to know more about how expanded metal is manufactured? Watch here.

The apertures in the mesh material are able to withstand pressure more effectively than welds or joins, which, in a security solution can easily be targeted by potential intruders. Mesh security fencing also acts as a deterrent as it is difficult to climb. For added protection we also supply a range of fence toppers.

Get to know our range of mesh security fencing and security meshes

Our products include a wide range of high security fencing systemsgates and additional metal mesh security solutions such as cages which are modular in design and come flat-packed for easy transportation.

Our ExMesh™ security product range includes Securilath™ security mesh, which is the only security mesh range to be certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board when applied to metal stud, timber stud and block walls. Easy to install, difficult to penetrate and available in various options to suit specified requirements, it’s a highly popular product.