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Certified security solutions to LPS 1175 SR3

Manufactured by metal mesh innovator The Expanded Metal Company


ExMesh™ Class 1 security fencing offers a robust, certified perimeter security solution – and is used to protect facilities including warehouses, distribution centres, telecoms infrastructure, mobile phone masts, retail sites, Government infrastructure and more.

This mesh fencing product has achieved Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) 1175 SR1: Issue 8* certification and as such is designed to provide resistance against attacks with tools such as cable cutters and pliers.

This certification gives contractors and end users peace of mind when applying ExMesh™ Class 1 mesh fencing.

Expanded metal has many advantages as a fencing material. As it is formed from one piece of material, there is nothing to work loose, no fretting strands or strained joins or welds.

The homogenous design of expanded metal results in an inherently strong material and our mesh fencing panels cannot be easily targeted at their welds or parted with common tools.

Our ExMesh™ Class 1 security fencing at a glance…

  • Certified to LPS 1175 SR1: Issue 8*
  • Provides peace of mind to contractors and end users
  • A cost effective alternative to wire mesh and palisade fencing
  • Suitable for sloping ground without stepping
  • Used in multiple high-risk environments
*Certification no. 731J Issue: 01
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