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Our 75 machine gets a makeover

It was commissioned in 1969 and is believed to be one of the widest expanded metal mesh presses in Europe.

And now our 75 machine – the largest machine at our 25,000 sqm Hartlepool site – has undergone a refurbishment to ensure that it carries on producing expanded metal mesh for many years to come.

The 75 machine, which is one of only a handful of such machines operating across the globe, is 3.6 metres wide and is extremely powerful.

It’s highly effective at producing expanded metal mesh for fencing, walkways and ramps, as well as specialist hard materials, and forms a key part of our extensive manufacturing capabilities.

The refurbishment of the machine latest several weeks: it included stripping the machine down and removing, then re-inserting, the main machine shaft – a major operation for our specialist maintenance team.

We’ve produced a time-lapse video showing the refurbishment programme being carried out – check out the footage below.